How do I export data from LinkedIn?

To export data from LinkedIn, there are primarily two ways: manually downloading the data directly from your LinkedIn account or utilizing LinkedIn data export tools such as Profile Data for a more automated extraction.

How do I export data from LinkedIn?

In the modern era, the utility of professional networks like LinkedIn cannot be overstated. With its vast user base, LinkedIn has become a gold mine of professional LinkedIn data waiting to be harnessed for various purposes like recruitment, marketing, and analysis.

To export data from LinkedIn, there are primarily two ways: manually downloading the data directly from your LinkedIn account or utilizing LinkedIn data export tools such as Profile Data for a more automated extraction. This article intends to provide a thorough understanding of how one can download LinkedIn data. We will explore different facets of this topic through recurring related questions about the process and tools required to extract and download LinkedIn data.


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What tools are available for LinkedIn data extraction?

There are various LinkedIn data export tools available that facilitate the extraction of data from this platform. Some of these tools are in-built within the LinkedIn account settings while others are third-party applications designed to gather data in a structured format. It's crucial to choose a tool that aligns with the legal boundaries set by LinkedIn while catering to your LinkedIn data needs efficiently.

How do you use the built-in LinkedIn data export tool?

LinkedIn has made it relatively straightforward for its users to download LinkedIn data. You can navigate to the settings of your LinkedIn account, and under the 'Data Privacy' section, you’ll find an option to download LinkedIn data. This option allows you to download various types of data including your connections, messages, posts, and more. It's a straightforward way to obtain a chunk of LinkedIn data related to your profile. However, the downside is the limitation on the scope of data you can extract.

LinkedIn Data Scraping Techniques

Now, how does one go beyond personal data and use LinkedIn data scraping techniques to gather more extensive data? LinkedIn data scraping refers to the use of software to automate the process of collecting data from LinkedIn profiles, posts, and more. There are various third-party tools available that allow you to scrape data from LinkedIn profiles, posts, and more.

How do I export data from LinkedIn manually?

Manual data export is often considered a tedious task, but it can be done by visiting each LinkedIn profile or page and copying the required information manually. This method, although laborious, ensures that you are only accessing publicly available information, thus remaining in compliance with LinkedIn's terms of service.

what is the best service to use for exporting data?

Yes, the LinkedIn API is a legitimate avenue to access a wider scope of LinkedIn data from the platform. By creating an application on the LinkedIn Developer platform and getting the necessary permissions, you can access various types of LinkedIn data. This method adheres to the terms and policies of LinkedIn, ensuring you stay on the right side of the law while obtaining the data you need.

Introducing A Notable LinkedIn Data Extraction Tools

Profile Data
Introducing Profile Data, a third-party LinkedIn data export tool designed for swift LinkedIn data scraping from LinkedIn profiles. With a simple input of a LinkedIn username, it returns the profile data in a JSON object, ensuring the data is up-to-date and retrieved in less than a second if available in their database. This tool is a boon for employers and recruiters with a LinkedIn account, saving substantial time and effort in the hiring process by providing immediate access to publicly available LinkedIn profile data. By expediting the assessment of potential candidates' qualifications and experiences, Profile Data facilitates more informed hiring decisions. Moreover, it ensures equal data access to all users, thereby leveling the competitive playing field, making the process to download LinkedIn data more equitable and efficient.


In conclusion, the process to export data from LinkedIn can be streamlined significantly by using legal tools like Profile Data, as mentioned earlier. These LinkedIn data export tools not only expedite the hiring and assessment processes but also ensure compliance with LinkedIn's terms, making data extraction both efficient and lawful. Whether opting to download LinkedIn data directly from a LinkedIn account or utilizing LinkedIn data scraping tools, adhering to legal pathways is crucial. These legal tools unlock a myriad of opportunities by providing quick and lawful access to LinkedIn's vast professional data, thus aiding in informed decision-making and efficient operations.


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