2024's Trending Food Hashtags for Growing Your YouTube Cooking Channel

Discover 2024's trending food hashtags to grow your YouTube cooking channel. Boost audience reach and engagement with effective hashtag strategies.

2024's Trending Food Hashtags for Growing Your YouTube Cooking Channel

Are you looking to grow your YouTube cooking channel in 2024? One of the best ways to attract more viewers and increase engagement is by tapping into the latest food trends. Using trending hashtags can help your videos reach a wider audience, making it easier for food enthusiasts to find and enjoy your content. let’s dive into the flavors and trends that will spice up your channel this year!


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Top Hashtags for General Cooking Content

Using the right hashtags can greatly increase a content creator's visibility. For those focusing on general cooking content, some hashtags have become key to getting more engagement and reach. Here’s a breakdown of the top hashtags that creators should think about using in their posts:

  1. #Foodie
    • This hashtag is a favorite among food lovers and is perfect for any type of culinary content. It attracts a wide audience of people who are passionate about food.
  2. #HomeCooking
    • Ideal for showcasing your homemade dishes, this hashtag resonates with viewers who appreciate the art of cooking at home.
  3. #CookingTips
    • Share your best cooking advice and techniques using this hashtag. It's great for attracting viewers looking to improve their culinary skills.
  4. #RecipeOfTheDay
    • Highlight your latest or most popular recipes with this hashtag to keep your audience engaged and coming back for more.
  5. #EasyRecipes
    • Perfect for beginner cooks or busy individuals looking for quick and simple meal ideas. This hashtag appeals to a broad audience seeking easy-to-follow recipes.
  6. #HealthyEating
    • With the growing trend towards health-conscious eating, this hashtag is ideal for sharing nutritious recipes and tips for a balanced diet.
  7. #CookingChannel
    • Promote your YouTube channel directly with this hashtag. It helps viewers find your channel among other cooking content creators.
  8. #FoodPhotography
    • For beautifully styled and photographed dishes, this hashtag can attract viewers interested in the aesthetics of food presentation.
  9. #MealPrep
    • Share your meal preparation tips and recipes with this hashtag, which is popular among those looking to organize their meals for the week ahead.
  10. #FoodLover
    • Connect with other food enthusiasts using this broad but highly effective hashtag. It's great for general food content and attracting a passionate audience.
  11. #InstaFood
    • Although originally popular on Instagram, this hashtag has crossed over to YouTube, helping you tap into a community that loves sharing and discovering new food content.
  12. #ChefLife
    • Whether you’re a professional chef or a home cook with a passion for culinary arts, this hashtag can help you connect with others who share your enthusiasm for cooking.
  13. #Tasty
    • Short and sweet, this hashtag is widely recognized and used for all types of delicious food content. It’s a go-to for attracting viewers looking for appetizing dishes.
  14. #Yummy
    • Another simple yet effective hashtag, perfect for highlighting the tastiness of your recipes. It’s catchy and widely used by food creators.

Best Hashtags for Cooking Techniques

For YouTube creators who focus on unique cooking techniques, using specific hashtags can greatly increase your visibility and engagement. Here are the top hashtags to use:

This technique involves cooking food in airtight bags in a water bath at precise temperatures. It's popular because it cooks food perfectly. Use this hashtag for your sous vide experiments with meats, vegetables, or desserts to connect with fans of this method.

Air frying uses hot air to cook food, making it a healthier option than traditional frying. It's great for enjoying crispy foods with less oil. Use this hashtag for air fryer recipes or to compare air frying with other cooking methods.

Smoking gives meat a rich, smoky flavor and is loved by barbecue fans. Use this hashtag to share your experiences with smoking meats like brisket, pork, and chicken to attract viewers who love smoked foods.

Stir-frying cooks food quickly over high heat in a wok, making it a fast and healthy cooking method. Use this hashtag for recipes and tips on making colorful and tasty stir-fry dishes.

Poaching is a gentle way to cook delicate foods like eggs and fish, keeping them tender and moist. Use this hashtag for videos that teach poaching techniques or feature recipes with poached ingredients.

For those focusing on specific dietary content on YouTube, using targeted hashtags can greatly increase visibility and engagement. Here are some essential hashtags for various popular diets:


This hashtag is perfect for content related to plant-based diets. It attracts a wide audience interested in vegan or vegetarian lifestyles, helping you connect with viewers looking for plant-based recipes, tips, and lifestyle content.


Use this hashtag for content centered around the Paleo diet. It connects you with audiences interested in ancient, grain-free eating habits that focus on meats, nuts, and seeds.


This hashtag is great for videos focusing on low-carb dietary advice, recipes, or transformations. It helps you reach an audience dedicated to reducing their carb intake.


The Whole30 diet involves cutting out sugar, alcohol, grains, legumes, soy, and dairy for 30 days. This hashtag helps you connect with viewers looking for guidance and community support during their Whole30 journey.


Use this hashtag for content about eating natural, whole foods and avoiding processed items. It's popular with health-conscious viewers who are looking for clean eating tips and recipes.

By using these hashtags, you can make your dietary content easier to find and connect with people interested in these specific diets.

Recommended Hashtags for Food Photography

Capturing the essence of culinary art through photography on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube can greatly enhance a content creator's visibility. Here are essential hashtags that every food photographer should consider:


With over 115.6 million posts, this hashtag is a powerhouse for attracting engagement. It's perfect for showcasing high-quality images of food that not only look appealing but also tell a story about the culinary creation.


This hashtag boasts 242.8 million posts and is ideal for those looking to reach a broad audience. It helps categorize food content, making it easier for food enthusiasts to discover new posts.


This tag is crucial for creators who focus on the artistic arrangement of food. It highlights the skill of making food visually appealing, which is essential in attracting and retaining the viewers' attention.


Associated with the art of presenting food in an attractive, appetizing manner, this hashtag is used extensively by chefs and food bloggers who aim to create visually stunning culinary displays.


A niche tag that focuses on the intersection of culinary art and photography, it's used by professionals who specialize in capturing the beauty and detail of gourmet dishes.

Effective Hashtag Strategies for Cooking Content Creators

Growing your YouTube cooking channel in 2024 isn't just about using popular hashtags; it's about using them smartly to get the best results. Here are some easy-to-follow strategies to help you boost your cooking content:

  • Popular Hashtags: Use well-known hashtags like #Foodie, #Tasty, and #Yummy to reach a big audience.
  • Specific Hashtags: Use more focused hashtags like #VeganDesserts, #KetoRecipes, or #GlutenFreeCooking to connect with people looking for specific types of content.
  • Keep an eye on the latest food trends. Tools like Google Trends, Instagram Explore, and Twitter’s trending topics can help you find out what's popular right now.
  • Use hashtags like #TrendingRecipes, #ViralFood, or #FoodTrends2024 to stay relevant.

3. Use Seasonal and Event Hashtags

  • Take advantage of seasonal events and holidays. Hashtags like #HolidayBaking, #SummerBBQ, or #HalloweenTreats can attract viewers looking for content related to these times.
  • Plan your videos around these events to stay current.

4. Create a Unique Hashtag for Your Channel

  • Make your own hashtags, like #CookingWith[YourName] or #[YourChannelName]Recipes. Encourage your viewers to use it when they share your recipes or talk about your channel.
  • This helps build a community around your channel and makes it easy to find user-generated content.

5. Place Hashtags Wisely

  • Use hashtags in your video titles and descriptions so people can find your videos more easily. YouTube lets you use up to 15 hashtags in descriptions, but only the first three show up above the title.
  • Don't overdo it with hashtags. Focus on using the most relevant ones to keep your content looking clean and professional.

6. Engage with Hashtag Communities

  • Get involved with others using the same hashtags by liking, commenting, and sharing their content.
  • This interaction can increase your visibility and help you make connections in the cooking community.

7. Check How Your Hashtags Are Doing

  • Use YouTube Analytics to see which hashtags bring the most viewers and engagement to your videos.
  • Try different hashtags and see what works best. Adjust your strategy based on these insights.

8. Combine Hashtags with Keywords

  • Use strong keywords along with your hashtags in video titles and descriptions to improve search results. This can help your videos rank higher.
  • For example, a title like “Delicious #VeganBrownies Recipe – Easy and Quick!” uses both a hashtag and a keyword phrase.

9. Use Hashtags Across All Social Media

  • Promote your YouTube videos on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook with relevant hashtags. Share clips or behind-the-scenes content using the same hashtags.
  • This can bring followers from different platforms to your YouTube channel.

10. Be Honest and Relevant

  • Make sure your hashtags really match your content. Using misleading hashtags can disappoint viewers and hurt your channel's reputation.
  • Being honest builds trust with your audience and keeps them coming back.

By following these simple hashtag strategies, you can make your cooking content easier to find, attract more viewers, and grow your YouTube channel in 2024. Happy hashtagging!


Using the right hashtags can really boost the reach and engagement of your YouTube cooking channel. The right hashtags help you stand out and attract viewers who share your cooking interests.

To elevate your YouTube cooking channel in 2024, leveraging a YouTube Top Keywords service is essential. This service helps you generate effective tags, hashtags, and keywords tailored to your content. By using a curated list of potent keywords, you can strategically incorporate them into your video's title, description, and tags.


How should I incorporate hashtags into my YouTube video descriptions in 2024?

To effectively utilize hashtags on YouTube in 2024, you should include between three to five hashtags in the description of each video you upload. Clicking on any of these hyperlinked hashtags will allow you to view a feed of other videos tagged with the same hashtag. It's important to note that you should not exceed 15 hashtags in total.

The top trending global food hashtags, as forecasted by SocialBuddy for 2022, which are expected to remain popular in 2024, include:

  • #Food
  • #Yummy
  • #Foodie
  • #Delicious
  • #Dinner
  • #Breakfast
  • #Yum

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