5 Best Resume Parsing Software

Upgrade your job search with the 5 Best Resume Parsing Software of 2024! Streamline applications and stand out. Dive in!

5 Best Resume Parsing Software

What is a resume parsing software?

Resume parsing software, also known as CV parsing software, automates the extraction of relevant information from resumes or CVs, including contact details, work experience, education history, skills, and certifications.
It normalizes this data into structured formats, utilizes keyword matching algorithms to identify relevant qualifications, integrates with applicant tracking systems for streamlined recruitment processes, allows customization and configuration for specific needs, and may incorporate machine learning and AI for improved accuracy and adaptability.

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How does a resume parser work?

Here's how a resume parser functions in four main steps:

  1. Document Input & Text Extraction: The user uploads a resume to the resume parsing software, and the CV parser extracts text from the chosen format, be it PDF, DOC, or another type.
  2. Pattern Recognition: The extracted text is segmented into individual tokens or words by the resume parser. Recognizable patterns in the resume parsing software help in identifying key sections like 'Skills', 'Experience', and 'Education'.
  3. Semantic Analysis: Relevant details are pulled from each section, with advanced CV parser tools using Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand the context and nuances of the information.
  4. Data Structuring: The processed data from the resume parser is organized into structured categories and presented in a format (often JSON or XML) suitable for integration into databases or other software.

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5 Best Resume Parsing Software in 2024

Zoho Recruit

Beyond being a mere recruitment software, Zoho Recruit excels as a multifaceted cloud-based resume parsing solution. It's meticulously tailored to answer the recruitment requisites of both in-house HR departments and staffing agencies. At its core lies Zoho Recruit's extensive resume parsing software suite, boasting features such as automatic job postings across myriad job boards, a customizable career webpage, superior resume parsing, and AI-fueled functionalities.
Its CV parser aligns job roles with apt candidates and offers interoperability with various digital platforms, delivering an integrated HR experience.

Pricing: Zoho Recruit offers a free resume parser in its basic version, while its premium attributes are accessible in the paid packages fitting diverse corporate scales.

Zoho Recruit company
Zoho Recruit Company


In the realm of recruitment software, Rchilli emerges as a paramount resume parser and recruitment automation hub, celebrated for its dynamic features ideal for HR mavens and staffing firms. Rchilli’s resume parsing software unfailingly scans, captures, and organizes candidate specifics from an array of resume styles into orderly profiles. Furthermore, with semantic matching, this CV parser enhances recruiters' ability to aptly align candidates with job roles using insights like skills and experience. Its scalable and integrative nature ensures Rchilli's adaptability to diverse recruitment blueprints, amplifying efficacy and exactitude.

Pricing: Rchilli’s free resume parser trial allows users to explore its offerings, and its diverse plans, including Standard, Incubator, and Enterprise, cater to fluctuating recruitment demands.

Rchilli company
Rchilli company

Hire EZ

Previously acknowledged as Hiretual, Hire EZ embodies avant-garde recruitment resolutions, amalgamating artificial intelligence and machine learning to metamorphose the recruitment domain. Central to this resume parsing software is its prowess to furnish data-led insights that revitalize the recruitment phase, mechanize monotonous chores, and magnify candidate interactions.
Its CV parser capability streamlines connections to job boards, enabling efficient job postings and resume sourcing. Once acquired, Hire EZ's resume parser further curates an exhaustive candidate profile, ensuring recruiters are equipped with a 360-degree view for sagacious decision-making.

Pricing: Hire EZ presents a glimpse of its resume parsing software through a free trial, and its encompassing Enterprise plan addresses more comprehensive needs.

Hire EZ company home page
Hire EZ company


Eclipsing standards set by regular resume parsing software, TurboHire unveils itself as a comprehensive AI-propelled talent acquisition platform, diligently designed to enhance every recruitment step. TurboHire’s cv parser prowess is evident in its adeptness at extracting pivotal candidate details from a medley of resume constructs—PDFs, Word docs, and other common file types—and then transmuting them into well-ordered candidate dossiers. This automation ensures recruiters’ rapid and precise access to pertinent candidate insights, steering them toward enlightened hiring choices.

Pricing: TurboHire, too, starts with a free resume parser trial, followed by its diversified plans – Basic, Pro, Premium, and Enterprise to cater to a broad user spectrum.

Turbo Hire company
Turbo Hire company

Magical API Resume Parser

A groundbreaking tool in the world of resume parsing software, Magical API Resume Parser skillfully leverages its CV parser capabilities to decode a plethora of resumes into actionable insights. At the heart of Magical API is its cutting-edge AI resume parsing technology, masterfully navigating through various resume formats, from PDFs to Word documents. This proficient resume parser extracts pivotal elements like skills and work experiences, presenting them in a structured JSON format. By doing so, it eradicates manual data entry errors and empowers HR professionals with trustworthy candidate data for shrewd decision-making.

Pricing: While offering a taste of its resume parsing software with a 14-day trial and 500 credits, Magical API Resume Parser further provides plans like Basic, Pro, and a custom-priced Enterprise package.

Magical API Resume Parser page
Magical API Resume Parser

How to Choose the Best Resume Parsing Software?

1. Accuracy & Reliability: Prioritize resume parsing software that consistently and accurately extracts resume data, minimizing errors. It's essential that the chosen resume parser maintains a high degree of precision.

2. Supported Formats: The cv parser tool should be versatile, handling popular resume formats such as PDF and DOC. An adaptable resume parser is more effective.

3. Integration Capabilities: It's crucial the resume parsing software integrates smoothly with your current HR or recruitment systems. A good resume parser will seamlessly become part of your workflow.

4. Scalability: As your recruitment needs grow, the resume parser should be able to process more resumes efficiently. Whether you're using a free resume parser or a paid one, ensure it can handle larger volumes when needed.

5. Cost & Reviews: Keep within your budget and check user reviews to ensure value for money and user satisfaction for your chosen resume parser. It's a good idea to test the resume parsing software with a trial or demo before purchasing. This allows you to gauge its suitability for your unique needs, especially if it's a free resume parser trial.

resume parsing tools


Choosing the best resume parser depends on individual recruitment needs. While Magical API, Zoho Recruit, Rchilli, Hire EZ, and TurboHire all offer robust resume parsing software features, the ideal choice varies based on precision, integration, scalability, and value. Ultimately, the best resume parsing software or CV parser is one that aligns closely with your specific requirements.


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